How to Plan Travel Experiences That Will Change Your Life
The best trips are those filled with rich experiences that have the power to transform how you see the world. From understanding and learning from new cultures to helping you clearly see how you want to live your life, most of us desire travel experiences that both allow us to recharge and help us understand our lives differently.

Here are 4 ways to plan trips that will change your life.

1. Happiness Comes From Planning Your Trip

Anyone who has ever hiked to the top of a mountain to explore ruins, or gotten lost in a back alley looking for that restaurant all the locals recommend, knows the pleasure and joy of discovery that travel provides. But did you know that much of the happiness we derive from travel comes before we even leave home?

An international study by found that 72% of us get the greatest emotional lift from planning our trip and 56% of us feel happiest when we’re booking our trip. Travel is such a key part of our happiness that the study found 50% of us see planning and going away on a trip more important than landing a new job, and 49% saw it as more vital to our well-being than our wedding day.

Maximize the thrill you get from travel by planning and booking your trip months ahead of time, so that you have more time to savour the process and get a bigger mood boost.

For more information, read the full article on National Bank website.
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