The debate on political correctness has been going on for some time now. Some say it restricts our right to free speech while others defend It as human decency. However, only recently did this topic become quite popular amongst the public and the intelligentsia. It’s widespread is due to the rise of awareness for social issues, movements and communities. For example, with the upsurge of awareness towards the LGBTQ+ community in the recent years, people have been more inclined to be on their guards when addressing someone with the correct pronoun. Some universities, such as Oxford, even oblige their students to use the gender-neutral pronoun “ze” as to not offend the transgender students that identify as neither male nor female. Although it is a great step forward to end sexual discrimination, it becomes problematic when making an honest mistake. Certain individuals become very sensitive and angry when being addressed as a “he” or a “she”, even when the person isn’t necessarily aware of the person’s sexuality or gender identification. It would be very unnatural to ask someone what we should refer them as before having any further conversation. If we would, some would be grateful and others would be insulted and confused that we didn’t take their appearance into account before asking a delicate question. In conclusion, unless someone is deliberately using the wrong pronoun to insult someone, we should all tone our sensitivity down and allow little mistakes. After all, those mistakes will allow society to progress and hopefully, one day, end intolerance. 
A column by Arina Bordian
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