Have you ever experienced an awkward situation and just didn’t know what to do? I know that I have been involved in those many times! That’s why I will help you avoid the main situations that you could encounter in school.
1. The most important object that you should always have on you is your phone. This object can save your life! You can always look occupied when you are alone. If there is a person that you really don’t want to talk to, you can just look down at your phone, walk quickly to class and hope that this person didn’t see you.
2. If you are walking down that long hallway, you know the one that gets (you from the Grande Salle to the G section), decide quickly what side you will be walking on. You don’t want to have that one on one dance off with the person in front of you.
3. If you go to a party that is organized by Brebeuf, don’t, and I repeat DON’T, make out with a guy that you will see again on Monday. Believe me, you two will cross paths at one point during the session. But you shouldn’t worry because if you do see each other at school just refer to #1.
If you apply these three steps to your lifestyle, you have nothing to worry about! But if you are ever involved in another type of awkward situation, don’t worry it will pass and your life will go on.
By Daisy Siveva
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